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  • 4-door vehicle no more

         than 10 years old (2012 or                       newer)

  • At least 21 years old

  • Good driving record

  • Must be a parent or have 5 years care-giving experience or work in a childcare related field

  • Duo Multi-agency background check


Become a PND or PNE
Driver Requirements

A (PND) Parent Network Driver is a driver who has met all Driver Qualifications according to the (PUCO) Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and (ODE) Ohio Department of Education (pg. 61) in addition has undergone all of our safety processes. These drivers are able to provide rides on a donation, paid or exchange basis. They are parents/guardians who typically drive their students to school, retired or active school personnel or safe members of the community, Please see our descriptive list on what makes a PND.

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